I finally got a bead and gauged up <3


I dont wear name brand clothes or fancy shoes. I get what i can but being wise doin so.
All these kids that buy a shirt for 30+$ are not smart. They think “oh its my parents money its nbd” ur sadly mistaken. Your parents stuggle to have you “fit in” with the crowd. And you beg to be different? Iv never owned a pair of jordans. Or a pair of name brand socks. I get my belonging from thrift stores or goodwill. Does that make me less if a person because i can spend 30$ for 5outfits n u just get a shirt. Idts. Relize what you are becoming. When u no longer have mommy and daddys money your not gonna know what to do with yourself.

This is mi first official dread. I have to sneek one or two at a time due to the fact that mi parents do not agree. But one day i will have mi entire head dreaded up. <3